Keynote Speakers

Tom Healy, "Limitless Leadership: Find Your Drive to Thrive" 

Tom Healy has worked with thousands of student leaders over the past decade and will share what the best ones do to thrive in everything that they are involved with. For those that embrace leadership, this program will reinforce their drive to be great and help them reach new heights as a leader. For those who do not view themselves as a leader, they will leave this program with a different view on leadership and be prepared to test their capacity to lead. Everyone who attends this program will leave knowing exactly how they can thrive as a leader!

David Otunga, "You Are What You Believe"


So many students today have a negative self-image. They don’t think they’re smart enough, tall enough, attractive enough, or good enough to please others around them, or more importantly, to please themselves. David Otunga knows better. He empowers and encourages audiences to realize that what naysayers and bullies think doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you think of yourself. David works to encourage students in his audience to realize that people will experience all kinds of bullying at all stages of their lives, and to learn that if you buy into the negativity you will start to believe it and it can manifest. However, if you believe that you are a great person with amazing talents, then that’s what you will become. Through his keynote, You Are What You Believe You Are, David helps students learn how to keep a positive mindset and to use different tactics to maintain a positive self-image that will ultimately lead them to becoming the best versions of themselves.